Ginny Henson

Velvet Rabbit or Dog

October 31, 2017 – 9:00 – 4:00


Choice of Velvet Rabbit or Dog

Velvet Rabbit:
Almost all my animals are inspired by an antique animal which I have in my collection. The velveteen rabbit was the very first animal that I made, and remains one of the most popular ones that I sell. The rabbit is done in velvet and has German glass eyes and a nose stitched with embroidery floss. He is stuffed with saw dust. This rabbit has been given to many expectant mamas as a gift, but is not meant to be played with by young children. Hopefully he will become a new generation antique.

Velvet dog:
This dog is constructed with velvet and stuffed with saw dust. He also has German glass eyes. The original antique dog in my collection did not have eyes or a tail when I found him. The only thing that remained was the old thread which they had been sewn on with. I have taken artist’s creative license and have added German glass eyes and a tail. He is a very sweet doggie. He is not intended to be a toy for a very young child, but hopefully he will be passed down to many generations.

Supply list:
Scissors, Straight pins, Pen & Sewing Machine (You must have a general knowledge of the use of a sewing machine to take this class—WE WILL have sewing machines available on site for those of you traveling.)


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