Pleasant Hill Apron


Designed by Maggie Bonanomi
The fabulous Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill Apron is NOW AVAILABLE.
Kit includes:
Linen Apron:  Please look at all pictures.  I went with a different color apron, we wanted a bit less blue and a bit more brown/gray.  I’m very pleased with the new color.  Kit also includes: Hand Dyed Wool and Linen and Pattern.
What’s NOT Included in the kits:  Ribbon for duck, fabric for patches and nine patch block.
Because this was a retreat piece Maggie used Antique Fabrics in the design and retreat kits.  One of the perks of attending the retreats.  I don’t have enough antique fabric for all the kits. I did replace some of the fabric with wool, but some just simply couldn’t be replaced. I would guess like myself, many have little bits of fabrics floating around the can be used.
The pattern is only for the appliqué pieces, it doesn’t include a pattern to make the apron itself.
Aprons take 6-8 to be made and for delivery. I have limited numbers for this first shipment. Once these sell, I will reevaluate a re-order.